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About Newslogs Heating Oil Group

Thank you for your interest.   Please find below all the information that you might like to have and retain for future reference.


NEWSLOGS is a Heating oil buying group whose sole aim is to Bulk Buy at the lowest possible cost. There is no membership Fee      (FREE Membership)  Orders are preferred by E-Mail.  or   But we will be happy to take telephone orders from any member who does not have a computer.TEL 01823 698 470


MEMBERSHIP is FREE.  The Heating oil buying group was started in 2004 with 6 members in Othery. By April 2024 there were over 6500 members in more than 170 towns, villages and hamlets, covering virtually the whole of  Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall. Saving members money on heating oil.


TARGET & OBJECTIVE is for all members to obtain domestic Heating Oil at the lowest possible price. It is also possible to supply Red Diesel and White Derv. It is the responsibility of the person ordering the oil to make sure they order the correct type of fuel needed for their boiler.  The price reduction is usually substantial, delivering savings of between £150 & £250 per annum or higher, which also allows the elderly and disabled to buy 500 litres of heating oil at the same price as members with greater buying power. While cutting down on the impact to our environment by reducing the amount of heavy goods vehicles needed to deliver the oil. Average annual consumption is approximately 2,000-2,500 Litres per annum.


SECURITY, ACCESS & DATA PROTECTION.  The average household today has several hundreds of pounds worth of Oil sitting outside in a tank. Many have some security in place; tank alarms and locks are now available and should be very seriously considered, as the Police advised that theft of heating oil is now becoming quite common, especially in rural areas. This may not be covered by your insurance policy. There may be locked doors and gates that need to be opened for a delivery to be made.  If you have such precautions in place, please notify me.    


DATA PROTECTION. 6 members in 2004 could be handled on a single sheet of paper.  With over 5000 members today, there is a mass of personal information stored on a computer, including your Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-Mail address etc.  This information is treated as being under the Data Protection Act and is only disclosed to the selected Oil Company enabling them to make the delivery. There is no other disclosure at any time to any other person.


COMMUNICATION.   All members should always be contactable on E-Mail or by phone. I will always seek to keep members advised of ordering and delivery dates, together with supplier price and contact details. Due to the volume of orders, it can take up to 10 days for some delivery to be made.  It is not possible for me to request a specific delivery date. If you require this, you need to contact the supplier direct once the order has been placed. They will usually try and co-operate. Any specific information about access or security may need to be repeated (although I will have already supplied this).  


TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS. is welcome for those without e-mail or if there is a problem with your set 

Tel 01823 698 470 and speak to Dave or Maggie


ORDERING AND DELIVERY –   The MINIMUM order, (imposed by Weights & Measures legislation) is 500 litres and any delivery below the minimum may incur a surcharge.  There is no MAXIMUM. Nor is there any requirement for members to take every delivery. You only take up the opportunity if you need Oil. Please specify exactly what type of oil you require and how much oil you need. If you decide you need more, please contact the supplier directly.


AGAS AND RAYBURNS members who use this equipment,

it is recommended that you have an additive added to the oil for cleaner burning. This is something that all the oil companies carry and will add to your oil for a small charge. Please let us know if you require this when ordering. 


ORDERS are processed every  Week.


Please make a note of this date in your diary and/or calendar. I will aim to remind you of due dates but you should not rely on this.


SUPPLIER -  DARCH OIL, WATSONS, CERTAS ENERGY, to name but a few are usually called and the order goes to the company giving the lowest price.


PRICE - Over 14 years ago the price of Oil was around 17p/litre. Early in 2011 prices of 70 pence per litre were almost normal. The price of Oil is tied to the US Dollar, Supply & Demand, and varies on a daily basis.  The SLOGS price is fixed on the day of order and applies to the total delivery. The general oil price can change up or down the following day!


PAYMENT – The member is completely and totally responsible for payment, directly to the supplying company on their terms and conditions, usually within 5 days of delivery. CASH is NOT recommended, CHEQUE to the driver or by mail is OK. Payment by CREDIT CARD will almost certainly incur a 2% surcharge by the supplier. DEBIT CARD payment does not incur a surcharge (at this time).  Delivery Note/Invoice should also be checked for the quantity supplied and the agreed price (plus VAT which is 5% at this time). I place the order on your behalf, and not as your agent, and accept no liability or responsibility.


TANKS/MEASURING/CONSUMPTION - As you can imagine there is tremendous variation in size capacity, and usage. The common tanks are either the old Metal tanks 2X4X6 (feet) 300 gallon/1300 litres capacity. A plastic tube on the side gives you an idea of how much oil you have in the tank. Every 6 inches on the tube is roughly 150 litres in the Tank.  The modern Plastic equivalent is roughly the same size but holds slightly less at around 1,225 litres. The plastic gauge on these tanks indicates 120 litres for every 6 inches of reading.  Many modern plastic tanks come with GAUGEMASTER/WATCHMAN which gives you a digital read-out in the kitchen F-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (approx 120 litres per digit).


The next tank size is usually about double the above, so double all numbers.  A few are even larger – and I don’t have calculations for these very large tanks.


Experience shows that reasonably modern well insulated 3-4-5 bedroom houses will use (on average) anywhere between 200-300 litres PER MONTH during the winter months, depending on the level of comfort and warmth required.  Hot water consumes around 30 litres a month.  I have seen higher numbers. I recommend that you don’t run out of oil in January or February, so having a full tank in November can be crucial, along with a top-up in January.  Running dry is usually a major problem, which is often not resolved by simply pumping oil in.  Air in your oil line usually means a system strip-down in an emergency and this can be an expensive and inconvenient situation.  


Stringent regulations are now in place with regard to the positioning of new tanks – position relative to buildings, fences etc.  Oil companies are obliged to access whether a tank is safe – i.e. corroded metal tanks may be limited to small delivery quantity. The modern Plastic tank must be supported on a flat base, for its entire length and width.


Newslogs is able to recommend a company that can supply a new tank and install it so it complies to all the regulations. Lots of our members have used this company and for this reason, only we recommend them.

Please email or call us for more information                      Tel  01823 698 470


Please remember that NEWSLOGS Heating Oil Group is Bulk Buy at the lowest possible price, for Heating Oil, Red & White Derv. It can not and is not able to provide any kind of bespoke or tailored service.


Joining is simple all we need is your full postal address with postcode together with your contact number, and any other information you think we may need to know about your own personal requirements regarding delivery, such as a locked tank, gate if you like to be called before delivery is made etc.


If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. 


Dave & Maggie Smith


E-Mail:  or  

Telephone 01823 698 470



We cover in All areas of Somerset,

Hamletts like Egford, Chantry, Ttudoxhill, West Woodlands, Tunley, Thorne, Yeovil Marsh, Mudford, Galhampton, Sparkford, West Camel, Rimpton, Chilton Cantello, Marston Magna, Yeovil, Chilton Dormer, West Coker, East Chinnock, East Coker, Halstock, Radstock, Chil Compton, Chewton Mendip, Oakhill, Holcombe, Bath, Stoke St Micheal, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Doulting, West Cranmore, Dean, Castle Carey, East Pennard, Wookey Hole, Wells, West Horrington, Glastonbury, West Pennard, Baltonsborough, Westhay, Meare, Templecombe, Henstridge, Charlton Musgrove, Wincanton, Tickenham, Clevedon, Whole, Clevedon, Edingworth, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon, Lympsham, Winscombe, Axbridge, Rooksbridge,

Cheddar, Rooksbridge, Draycott, Wedmore, Blackford, Theale, Bagley, Banwell, Stanton Drew, Pensford Bristol, Langford, Blagdon, Catcott, Curry Rivel, Hambridge, Langport,  Westport, Mucheney, Thorney, Drayton, Aller, High Ham, Pitney, Henley, Charlton Mackerell, Barton St David, Somerston, Compton Dundon, Charlton Adams, West Lydford, Babcary, East Lydford, Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock, Ash, South Petherton, Shepton Beauchamp, Little Norton, Crewkerne, Haselbury Plunkett,  West Chinnock, Misterton, Crewkerne, North Perrott, Illminster, Barrington, Shepton Beauchamp, Higher Chillingham, Lower Chillingham, Donyatt, Ashill, Horton, Broadway, Taunton, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Upper Cheddon, West Monkton, Thurloxton, Chard, Adsborough, Chaffcombe, Wadeford, Buckland St Mary, Combe St Nicholas, Winsford, Forton, Wellington, West Buckland, Minehead, Timberscombe, Durston, West Lyng, East Lyng, Bridgwater, Curland, Thurlbear, Stoke St Mary, Creech St Michael, Henlade, West Hatch, Lillesdon, North Curry, Curry Mallet, St St Gregory, Fivehead, Isle Brewers, Isle Abbotts,  Hatch Beauchamp, Brickenhall, Poundisford, Corfe, Pitminster, Shellicks Green, Blagdons Hill, Crowcombe, Williton, Spaxton, Fiddington, Nether Stowey, Burton, Stogursey, Kilve, Enmore, Stringston, Wembdon, Cannington, Otterhampton, Stockland Bristol, Combwich, Pawlett, North Petherton, Huntsworth, Moorland, North Newton, Westonzoyland, Othery, Staithe, Oath, Burrowbridge, Middlezoy, Andersea, Puriton, Cossington, Burtle, Bawdrip,Chedzoy, Stawell, Sutton Mallet, Stawell,  Moorlinch, Greinton, Chilton polden, Edington, Catcott, Edington, Shapwick, Ashcott, Berrow, Burnham On Sea, Brean, East Huntspill, Highbrodge, West Huntspill, Brent Knoll, Mark, Bason Bridge, 


If I missed out your village in Somerset Please let us know and we will update our page.






Order No 508 Closes Wednesday 24th April  2024 price achieved for members is 63.30ppl

THERE ARE NO SERVICES CHARGES and delivery will be with in 10 working days.



Our next order 509 will close 10am Wednesday 1st May 2024.  

Anyone wishing to be included in our next order should fill in the registration page, or send me an email making sure we have it in plenty of time please.

Delivery on orders can take anything up to 10 working days 


If you would like to register to receive our newsletter with current prices, please contact us via the Contact Us or Registration links.



Should anyone require a urgent delivery or have special requirements we do have another site that can help





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