Newslogs Oil Ordering Syndicate
NewslogsOil Ordering Syndicate

Ordering Process

Please contact us to register your details (name/address/tel no./email) and let us know any special delivery instructions. All our registration details can be found by clicking this link. Registration

Every week Newslogs will send out an email to let members know the closing date for the next order. Members can then contact us to order oil. This order can be to either "fill" the tank or for a specific number of litres. 

If members have already placed an order, this email will detail the price for their oil, the date the oil will be delivered from and the name of the company delivering the oil.


Contact details for the supplying company will also be provided in case of any specific delivery instructions.

Prices from all oil companies asked to quote will be provided for information.


Members will be billed for the oil ordered directly from the oil delivering company and not from Newslogs.


Should any member wish to cancel their membership, please let us know and we will remove your details from our email mailing list.



For anyone that may be interested we do have a sister company Where if needed you can order an emergency delivery or a 5 day delivery from anywhere in the south-West of England. 





Order No 242 is now closed we achieved a price from 45.50 pence per litre for this order. We are sure you all agree this a fantastic price.



Our Next order 242 as a closing date of Monday 25th March 10am anyone wishing to be included in this order should fill in the registration page, or send me an email making sure we have it in plenty of time please.

delivery on orders take anything up to 10 days


If you would like to register to receive our newsletter with current prices, please contact us via the Contact Us or Registration links.



Should anyone require a urgent delivery or have special requirements we do have another site that can





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